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Powder coat colours.

As a helpful resource, we’ve curated 26 popular colours for powder coat finishing on metal surfaces including bollards, flush nuts, arm rests, table bases, commemorative plaques, receptacles, and more.

Every monitor displays colour differently. This chart is to be used as a rough guide only. Standard metal finish is gloss; this will also affect the way colours are displayed on this page. If you don’t see a colour you like, we have over 160 others from which to choose, and paint chips are also available. Contact us to request your samples.

Parts to spare.

We recognize the need to replace parts over time, and to minimize down-time we stock the most-needed resources for our customers.

To order replacement parts please email If you don’t see what you need here, please contact us with your request.

The materials we use.

Frances Andrew benches and tables can be made from a selection of wood and composite options. Read on to learn about the materials we use.

Wood options


The Lapacho group or series of the genus Tabebuia consists of about 20 species of trees and is found in all Latin America countries except Chile. The commonly used name is lpe. lpe is a very strong and durable wood, and is also extremely resistant to insects and decay. The heartwood is impermeable, but the sapwood can be treated with preservatives.

The Ipe heartwood we use is treated with a water sealant. The wood is a medium brown to red in colour when initially processed, and will weather to a silvery-grey colour over time. lpe is recommended in areas where product may be subject to heavy use of vandalism. Minor surface and/or graffiti damage can be removed with the use of an abrasive pad such as 3M Scotch Brite.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) grows in the Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific Coast to Alaska, and is produced principally in British Columbia. Western Red Cedar is also known as Canoe Cedar, Giant Arborvitae, Shingle Wood and Pacific Red Cedar.

Extremely light in weight, possessing a soft texture, and with an even, straight grain, this wood is renowned for its extraordinary durability and resistance to insects and decay. It  is the most durable of any softwoods.

The cedar is pressure treated to extend its years of service. The wood is a light straw to medium brown in colour, and will weather to a silvery grey with age. Minor surface and/or graffiti damage can be removed with the use of an abrasive pad such as 3M Scotch Brite.

Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar (Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis) grows on BC’s west coast. Yellow Cedar is one of the world’s most durable woods. It resists corrosion and offers natural resilience, making it ideal for industrial uses. The wood is fine textured and straight grained. Its natural extractives make it a decay-resistant wood that is aromatic when cut. Yellow Cedar is a beautiful tree that is tough, solid and has exceptional longevity. Its wood is valuable commercially because of its straight grain, yellow color, and resistance to decay.


Most maple trees grow to a height of 10–45 m (33–148 ft), are mainly deciduous, and many are renowned for their autumn leaf colour. Most are shade-tolerant when young and are often riparian, understory, or pioneer species rather than climax overstory trees. There are a few exceptions such as sugar maple.

Maple wood is often graded based on physical and aesthetic characteristics. The most common terminology includes the grading scale from common #2; which is unselected and often used for craft woods; common #1, used for commercial and residential buildings; clear; and select grade, which is sought for fine woodworking. Maples have a long history of use for furniture production in the United States and Canada.


Oak wood has a density of about 750 kg/m3 creating great strength and hardness. The wood is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. It also has very appealing grain markings, particularly when quartersawn.

The northern red oak is one of the most prized for lumber, and is marketed as red oak regardless of species. This wood has open capillaries, and air blown through an end grain piece 10 inches long can send bubbles out the other end into a glass of water. The openings give fungus easy access when the finish deteriorates, and natural red oak rots easily outdoors. However, if the wood is treated with a preservative compound, the capillaries absorb it deeply, and treated red oak will resist rot better than cured white oak heartwood, which has a closed cell structure.

Composite options


Developed in 1996, Resysta is made from a mixture of rice husks and plastic, which, when dried, shows similar consistency and appearance to wood. Over the years, Resysta has made a name for itself as the best alternative to tropical hardwoods.

Resysta contains no wood at all; instead, it makes use of an abundant by-product of rice farming, which helps to prevent deforestation, making it a sustainable and ethical choice.

Resysta has the appearance and feel of wood while offering better durability. Not only does it feel like wood, but it can be treated, worked, and maintained like wood, too. It can be sanded, sealed, or stained for enhanced appearance and repaired when damaged. It is also extremely resistant to rot, fungal attacks, termites, and chemicals. Resysta will never splinter, crack, swell, or gray. This makes Resysta a very durable and an easy to maintain product.


Re-Plast Products have been a leader in the field of sustainable innovation since 1989. A North American pioneer in the production of profiled beams, Re-Plast Products continues to reinvent outdoor life by transforming post-consumer and post-industrial plastics into raw materials and high-end products that are 100% recyclable. Every week Re-Plast Products transforms 100,000kg of recycled plastic into new products, which are thoughtfully designed, long-lasting solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Re-Plast products are weather resistant, easy to clean and won’t splinter, crack or mould.

Shipping information.

All our products are individually inspected to guarantee our high standard of workmanship before they are boxed and shipped to the customer.

Frances Andrew benches are manufactured as finished products.

Our packaging protects the product on the job site until it is assembled and mounted into position—leveling and siting work is reduced to a minimum.

An exclusive vandal-resistant nut design and bolt-through construction create a single, solid unit. A special wrench for our vandal-resistant hardware is packed with each bench. Precision manufacturing allows for quick and easy assembly.

Please note that some products may be shipped fully assembled.

Installing our products.

Frances Andrew products should be installed in accordance with local building codes.
  1. Open the box marked Tools & Instructions Enclosed first. It should be conveniently located on the top of the shipment.
  2. For furnishings that require assembly, loosely assemble site furniture without tightening the bolts. Check the product is square, level, and plumb to the architect’s specifications.
  3. Firmly tighten all metal connections.
  4. Tighten wood connections until flush nut is flush with the wood. All connections should be checked for tightness two weeks after installation.

Maintaining your furnishings.

Frances Andrew products are designed to be relatively maintenance-free.

All site furniture should be periodically inspected to ensure public safety. For cases of extreme vandalism, replacement parts are available if required. Please contact our office for more details.

Wood: Minor surface damage or graffiti can be removed with the use of an abrasive pad such as 3M Scotch Brite. The wood will naturally weather to a silvery-grey color over time. Although not required, the application of teak oil sealer can restore the wood to a more youthful appearance. Teak oil sealers are available at most hardware stores.


Consistent exposure to irrigation sprinkler heads will weather wood prematurely and is not covered by our warranty. Wood slats can be washed with mild detergent using a clean, soft cloth and rinsing with clean water.

Metal: Gouges or nicks in the paint should be touched up immediately with an exterior quality urethane. Consult your local paint manufacturers for more information.

Product warranty.

Discovery Products Ltd. and/or Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd. warrants that all its products are guaranteed against defective material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment.

Discovery Products Ltd. and/or Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd. liability under this warranty shall be discharged by furnishing without charge any goods, or part thereof, which shall appear to the Company upon inspection to be of defective material or not of first-class workmanship.

Repair or replacement does not extend the original warranty beyond the initial warranty period.

This warranty does not include parts that fall under standard regular maintenance and does not apply to misuse, abuse, unauthorized modifications, neglect, accident, or any other hazards.

Damage by vandalism is NOT covered by this guarantee.

For damage due to vandalism or accident, Discovery Products Ltd. and/or Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd. offers a parts inventory of components and hardware to our customers at current market value.

Product should be installed and maintained according to CSA guidelines.  This includes but is not limited to winterization or inspections that need to be completed.

Discovery Products Ltd. and/or Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd. is not responsible for installation and/or maintenance.

Discovery Products Ltd. and/or Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd. will not be held liable for the cost of repairs, alterations, replacements, or for any expense connected therewith made by the owner or his agents.

Discovery Products Ltd. and/or Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd. will not be liable for any damages caused by defective materials or poor workmanship, except for replacements, as stated above.

Buyer agrees that Discovery Products Ltd. and/or Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd. has made no other warranties either expressed or implied in addition to those above stated.

Need assistance? Contact a Frances Andrew representative—we’re happy to help.