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Transform the look of any landscape with our customer favourite, the Main Street receptacle. Aesthetically pleasing, not only will this receptacle fit into any setting and be a winner, but its long-lasting durability is second to none.

This solid metal waste container is hand-crafted and painted in-house for each order. This low-maintenance receptacle is ideal for shopping centres, parks, towns, colleges and universities, commercial buildings, and any other high traffic area.

The Series 30 Main Street receptacle has a removable steel lid secured by a plastic-coated stainless steel cable. A 20-gallon (91 litre) galvanized inner liner sits inside a black plastic outer liner. It is internally bolt-fastened to the ground.

Metal: Mild steel, wheel-abraded to bare metal, then precisely fabricated to final shape. The metal is first zinc primered then powder coated with polyester, electrostatically applied, and baked at high temperature to produce a mar-resistant finish.

Lids: Series 30 Main Street receptacle comes with a standard, removable mild steel lid or a rain-proof metal lid is available.
Choose from either “O” or “X” inset detail.
Metal Colours:
Make your choice from 26 standard paint colours. Or, for an additional charge, choose from one of over 160 custom paint colours. Standard colour chips and custom colour charts are available upon request.