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Fountains + Misters

Cool off, clean up and get your drink on! Our H2O series happily provides all the water basics.

Frances Andrew features several options for drinking fountains—and don’t worry, we didn’t forget the pups—they have their very own fountain as well. We also have you covered when it comes to misting with our Canadian-made line of misters. And to round out our water collection, we highly recommend our foot and body shower station to rinse off after a playful day in the sun and sand.

Series 121 Fountains

Time to hydrate with our H2O Series Fountains. With several options to choose from we have a fountain to cover everyone for every activity. Keep active, be happy, and stay hydrated.

Series 101 Misters

When the summer season begins and the temperature heats up, feel refreshed with the fine spray of our Series 101 Misters. Our misters produce water at low volumes but operate at a high pressure, thus creating an energizing mist. Perfect for parks, golf courses, outdoor entertainment areas, and amusement parks, our misters are available in any of our standard 26 powder coat colours or you can upgrade to a custom colour of your choosing.